My hobby reflection

Morning 6P

Not in today. Still not feeling great.


Here’s a task I would like you to have a go at:

1. Re-watch your hobby talk video

2. On a pages document, write a reflection discussing how you went with your expression, how clearly you spoke, your posture, your eye contact, how long you spoke for and how well you used your cue cards. Give each of these points their own sentences. Remember to use topic sentences at the beginning.

3. When finished and check, this is to go in your portfolio with your cue cards


Good luck!

Mr Petty

Adam’s Car Race Spectacular

Hello 6P!

There is a new page called ‘Student Work’ that I have added. I have upload the photos that Adam sent me. You are to make your selection for the ‘big race’ on this page by commenting on that post.


Good luck

Mr Petty

Cause and Effect task

Using your ipad, students are to take 2 photos and save them in a pages document. The pictures are to be based on cause and effect. Your first photo will be the cause and your second photo the effect or end result. This task is to be done by Thursday the 9th of May (this Thursday) and will be used in session 3. Try and be as creative as you can and do not just use the obvious.

This is an example of an obvious and uncreative response: I fell over because I didn’t tie my shoe.