Fractions work for over the holidays

Hi 6P,

A few of you have asked for some fractions work so you can ‘get organised and prepared’ for the start of next term.

The following website will give you an idea of the types of activities we will be doing. Go to chapter 7 of the website. There are 7 lessons that you can attempt that cover the main areas we will be looking at. Have a go at the questions in your homework book and make sure you mark the ones that you feel you’ll need more help in.


As always, you can email me if you need any assistance

Mr Petty

Decorate my Bedroom checklist

Here is your checklist for your ‘Decorate My Bedroom’ project

Front Cover (create one)

  1. Tableofcontents
  2. Dimensions(you will eventually create a table listing all required measurements

    for your ‘decorate my bedroom project – this will be walls, windows, door,

    furniture etc)

  3. Plans & diagrams(Added in class)
  4. Collected Catalogues/Research/Clippings(start adding to this now)
  5. My Bedroom Interior Choice-Pick your wall & floor finishing at home this week.

    This is your paint colour choice & carpet/rugs/tiles – up to you!

  6. My Final Furniture Choices(Begin finding items)
  7. Expenditures/Budget(Added in class)
  8. WellBeing Justifications(Added in class)
  9. Other