Decorate my Bedroom checklist

Here is your checklist for your ‘Decorate My Bedroom’ project

Front Cover (create one)

  1. Tableofcontents
  2. Dimensions(you will eventually create a table listing all required measurements

    for your ‘decorate my bedroom project – this will be walls, windows, door,

    furniture etc)

  3. Plans & diagrams(Added in class)
  4. Collected Catalogues/Research/Clippings(start adding to this now)
  5. My Bedroom Interior Choice-Pick your wall & floor finishing at home this week.

    This is your paint colour choice & carpet/rugs/tiles – up to you!

  6. My Final Furniture Choices(Begin finding items)
  7. Expenditures/Budget(Added in class)
  8. WellBeing Justifications(Added in class)
  9. Other

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