Miss Baker’s Volunteered English Teaching in Bali

IVHQ – Volunteer English Teaching in Bali


I’m writing to Grade 6P to ask for your help!

In June of this year I’m travelling over to Ubud, Bali to teach English. I need some ideas of what to take over to the primary school children to help with their education.

Teaching English over in Bali to primary school aged children will be an exciting, challenging adventure. These children have next to nothing but the clothes on their back and their only chance to learn English is with the help of IVHQ volunteers.

Balinese children are so grateful to be in school and have teachers willing to take care of their learning journey.

YOU may think it’s hard to help children who are so far away. But anything you can think of or do for them will be greatly appreciated!

What can YOU grade 6 students do to help?

– Collecting resources (Books, toys, games, stationary (coloured pencils, rubbers), etc.

– Writing inspirational quotes

ANYTHING is possible!

These are just a few ideas! I want your input and idea’s! For the BEST most CREATIVE idea I will be handing out a prize at the very end of my placement.

Here’s a little clip about volunteer teaching in Bali – http://youtu.be/XAmdKAt_uCs

Comment below if you have any ideas!

Miss Baker.

Writing – April 2

The news on Monday 31st March has sparked discussion for footy families around the country with the AFL’s proposal for UNDER 10 leagues to be forced to play with no scoreboard, ladders or match results. They say they aim to promote participation rather than competition. Click on the HERALD SUN IMAGE to be transferred to today’s article online.

Now plan and compose your discussion piece…


Your job today is to plan out the 2 sides to the issue. What are 2 arguments that agree with topic, including evidence. You also need to list 2 arguments looking at the oppoisite side of the topic with evidence.

Make sure the evidence you provide is equally strong.

Science – Bring item this Friday

To help resource the science lessons in term 2, the grade six team are asking students to bring a few items from home. Remember, students will be working in small cooperative groups so only a few items per group is required, not 107 for the year level.

We need…

Battery operated torches (name item)

Battery operated childrens toys (name item)

Thanks everybody. Please bring to school no later than 9am on Friday, April 4.