Lit Circles snapshots

You have a weekly task you need to do now on top of your Lit. Circles responsibilities. Using your iPad, you need to take a photo of your chapter summaries and your role (1 photo for each). The photo needs to show a sample of each work (meaning if your summaries go over 2 pages, you only need your photo to show some of your summaries).

Once you have taken your photos, you need to do the following

1. Place both photos on a Pages document with the heading ‘Week 1 Lit Circles – Andrew’ (obviously, put the right week and right name)

2. Name your Pages document ‘Pettylitw1’ (again, use your surname and the right week)

3. Place this file in your folder on the 6P server (within the ‘Student Folders’ folder).

You should have one document in here per week.