Blog Challenge (E + L)

The top 3 to answer this question, which receive $50 Petty Pounds

1) Name and describe a type of triangle other than a right angled triangle. QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Sarah, Charlotte, Plunks)

2) Complete a delightful haiku about Mr Petty QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Abby/Paris, Chloe, Charlotte)

3) Why was Canberra chosen as Australia’s capital city? QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Plunks, Grace, James)

4) What is another name for an ending in a narrative piece of writing? QUESTION IS ACTIVE (Tunan, Tyler James)

5) What is it called in cricket when a bowler bowls a ball and it hits the wickets on the full? QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Max, Tati, Charlotte)

6) Finish this famous lyric: ‘I read the news today….’ (you may need to ask your parents. 2 word answer). First answer gets the prize! Another question soon! QUESTION IS COMPLETED (James, Chloe, Abby)

7) Who is Thom Yorke and what is unusal about his eyes? QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Tyler, Edward, Grace)

8) Which colour ring holds up the others on the Olympic flag? QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Tunan, Abby, James)

9) Who was Kevin Arnold and how was he known in the 1980s? QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Grace, Chloe, Edward)

10) Who are the Paw Patrol? QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Charlotte, Tyler, Plunks)

11) What goes ‘snap, crackle and pop’? QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Tati, Charlotte, Jayde)

12) What do Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Buckley and Kurt Cobain all have in common apart from being musicians? QUESTION IS ACTIVE (Mikki, Charlotte)

13) If I am in England, on Park Lane, and I jump backwards, twice, where am I? QUESTION IS COMPLETED AND WORTH $100 (Tunan, Jayde, Edward)

14) What name will our new country in 6P be? QUESTION IS ACTIVE

15) What was ‘she’ singing when she was walking down the street? QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Edward, Sophie, Plunks)

16) What, if you stretch them out end to end, would go around the world twice? QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Charlotte, Tyler)

17) What has 3 eyes, stares at you, you stare at it, but it can’t see you? QUESTION IS COMPLETED (James, Tyler and Jayde)

18) Who are Scott and Charlene? QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Plunks, Sarah, Tyler)

19) Which sport was dominated by Chloe Petty at Ready, Steady, Go this morning? QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Teags nailed it)

20) Name a primary school game that has an animal name in its title (first 5 get it) QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Grace, Peter, Trishy, Sarah, Charlotte and Plunks. Added an extra one due to the beautiful weather)

21) Which famous female won which famous race 3 times in a row in the mid 2000s? QUESTION IS COMPLETED (Plunks)

22) Name this teacher: ‘I moonwalk the backwards mail as I watched a movie starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’ QUESTION IS COMPLETED (James, Tyler, Plunks)

23) $500 challenge. What time did it take Mr Petty to complete parkrun this morning? It was a 5km track. (Answer is between 23 and 24 minutes).

167 thoughts on “Blog Challenge (E + L)

  1. If you stretch the human blood vessel out in a straight line, it would reach 60,000 miles which can stretch twice around our world.

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