T3W10 – charming beauregarde

T3W10 – it’s all in my book

reading rotations instructions

W4T2 Teacher Group




W3T2 – Grammar (Root Words)


w3t2 Teacher Group

W2T2 reading rotations instructions

W2 T2 GLT Figurative-Language

W2T2 Teacher Group

W2T2- Grammar Unit3_TripToZoo


Week 9 – ILT_Comprehension group instructions

Week 9 – Teacher Group Authors Purpose Presentation

Week 9 – Group Task Seq_An Exciting Day

Week 9 – Grammar Unit2_GreenSeaTurtles

Week 6 GLT_Main Idea with text (GLT)

Week 6 Unit1_DearGrandma-25p1wuv (Grammar)

Week 6 Verbs_Past-Perfect-Tense-1yvzek7 (Grammar)

Grammar: Week2_What a disaster

Week1_Fooling with fairytales

6P_The First Day Statements


2 thoughts on “English

  1. Hi Mr Petty,
    Sorry to be a bother on this public holiday, I don’t get what H.O.M Character Analyser means and what I have to do. Can you please show me on Tuesday what to do?
    From Sarah

    • Hi Sarah. The list of habits is thw Lit Circles page on the blog. Pick a character from ‘Ivan’ and match them with a habit they show or perhaps don’t show. For example: ‘Ivan shows ‘striving for accuracy’ as he draws.’ You then need to further elaborate the ‘why’ or ‘how’. Am happy to show you more about this tomorrow

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