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  1. Dear Mr Petty,
    I’m so sorry to disturb you but I was wondering if I could please have another day to do my homework for this week? I’m really sorry, I have been quite busy lately:(
    Sincerely Grace

  2. Dear Mr Petty,
    I tried to get last weeks homework up so I could do the rest of it (because I didn’t finish it) but it isn’t on the blog anymore could you possibly put it up again so I can do it?
    Thanks, Trishy

  3. Dear Mr Petty,
    When is the speech for homework due and when is the homework due because it says on the sheet that it’s due Frisday 16th Of May and then like this [Homeroom corrections Monday 19th of May] next it it. I don’t know which is which.
    Thanks Jayde

  4. Hi Mr Petty

    Sorry to bother you in the morning but most of the homework is in my iPad I just checking if that was ok with you

    From Nathan

  5. Hi Mr Petty,
    Sorry to bother you, a quick question about the maths measurements for the homework. With the extra walls, does that include inside the wardrobe in my bedroom or not?
    Thanks, Mikayla P

  6. Hi Mr Petty,
    Sorry again for bothering you. With our admire speech can we also add information like achievements, where they were born, grew up, goals, ect, or is it just why we admire them?
    Thanks, Mikayla P

  7. Hi Mr Petty,
    How are you?
    I was just wondering what the due date is for our person I admire speech?
    Thanks Grace

  8. Hi Mr Petty,
    For the person I admire speech, can a sentance with a date be in the very first paragraph and in another eg. 2nd or 3rd?
    From Sarah

    • Hi Sarah. You can structure it how you like. The format we used for biography writing is there to help you if you wish to use it

  9. Hi Mr Petty
    Can you please advise Lilly how to find her phonograms on the website on the homework sheet. She has found them during the week but cannot find them tonight to complete the homework.
    Thanks Trish.

    • Hi Trish. Tell her to download the spelling pdf on the 6p blog. It’s under the English tab on the site. Same place she downloads from for spelling each week

  10. Hi Mr Petty I’m sorry to bother you on the weekend but I’m having a lot of trouble on the English- spelling side of the homework. I just can’t find where to download the work on the blog and that’s all I really wanted thank you
    From Damian

    • Hi Damian. For spelling, you can download the latest lesson where we download from each week. Go to our blog. Then English. There is a drop down tab saying Spelling. Grab the one from last week. It has all the phonograms. Let me know if you need anymore assitance

  11. Dear Mr Petty,

    On my speach my time is just up to 2 minutes I have added alot of things on it but I just cant make it up to 3mins is that ok ill try to extend it as much as I can tonight.

    From Jackson

    • Do your best Jackson. It needs to be closer to 3 mins than 2. Perhaps ask your subject if they had any favourite memories that helped them become who they are?

  12. Hi Mr Petty,
    Sorry to bother you. I have a question about lit circles. Is lit circles due tomorrow or is that the conference? Can I have an extra day on homework because my internet wasn’t working so I had to start homework on Thursday. Would it be ok if I handed the maths and English tomorrow and the rest on Tuesday? My weekend has been very busy? How’s your weekend? Happy that Essendon won against Richmond? I was ‘over the top’ amazed with Brisbanes win against Carlton. I bet Mr Smith would be happy too! See you tomorrow.
    Mikayla P

    • Hi Mikayla. If your conference day is tomorrow, it is due tomorrow. Tuesday is fine for the other parts of homework. Mr Smith is very happy. I am pretty happy with the Bombers, although Richmond were very ordinary. See you tomorrow!

  13. Hi Mr Petty,
    My conference day is tomorrow and the jobs I have to do are discussion director and character analyser. Character analyser- how many characters do we pick? Do we pick a habit of mind that suits that character? P.S- sorry I have so many questions.
    Mikayla P

    • Ah, not a problem Mikayla. I will chat with you when you put your iPad in the cabinet in the morning. We may need to push your session till either the afternoon or Tuesday. But don’t stress about it tonight. Never a problem asking questions. Sorry for the late reply

  14. Hi Mr Petty,
    How are you going on this fine Monday afternoon. Mikayla and I are just waiting for our game of net ball to start.
    On Friday, when we played softball, what were the scores so that I can write the sports report for assembly on Wednesday?
    See you tomorow, Thanks,
    Sarah and Mikayla.

    • Just finished running Sarah, so I am a little tired on this lovely afternoon. Scores were 12 to 8. Good luck at Netball!

  15. Hi Mr Petty,
    How’s your weekend going? I thought I would just let you know that I have completed my SCC keynote presentation. Have a nice weekend! See you on Tuesday!
    From Grace

    • Grace, you are a superstar. If you were an AFL player, you’d be Ablett or Selwood. Well done. Weekend going well so far. Little fella turns 2 tomorrow, so good times will be had by all

      • Cute! Say happy birthday for me! Just to double check is the grand designs due on Tuesday?? I’m nearly finished I just have to figure out how to put it all together! are you watching the footy tonight? Best of luck for bombers! I was so shocked about the scores against Carlton last night! I have a bad feeling about the CATTERS!
        See you on Tuesday!

        • Grand designs to be checked Tuesday. Need to be 70% done. Completely done by Friday. Cats were lucky. I was going for them though. Bombers ordinary against GWS. I will pass on your best to the young fella

  16. Hi Mr Petty
    Sorry to bother you for the grand desings does it all have to be done by this Friday or next Friday?

  17. Hi Mr Petty,

    Could I have 1 more day for the homework I have had a lot of family visitors and soccer during the week and sunday and swimming on friday.

    Get back as soon as you can 🙂


  18. Hi Mr Petty,
    I’m having trouble with the comprehension part of homework can you explain to me what you are ment to do.
    From Yousif

    • Yousif, as the instructions state, you need to use the 4 underlined words from task 1 and set up a Word Wizard table (explained as task 2). If you are unsure how the table looks, make you sure you go to English/Lit Circles and download the Lit Circles roles file (all on our blog).

  19. Hi Mr Petty,
    It says we have to do 10 questions for the discussion director part of the ‘READING AND COMPREHENSION’ part of the homework.(it says that in the discussion directors page on our PDF on iBooks).
    Do we have to do 10 or can we do atleast 5-8?

  20. Hi Mr Petty,
    Sorry to blog so early but I Was wondering for the comprehension task, illustrator/mapper, could I write a timeline?
    Thanks, Sarah

  21. Hi I am also wondering if I could go through the mathletics ordering fractions with you? On Monday I don’t get it.
    Thanks Sarah

  22. Hi Mr petty,
    Sorry to be blog\ging so late. I was wondering if you could go through the maths equivalent fractions with me? It doesn’t make sense.
    And are we playing home tomorrow morning?

  23. Hi Mr Petty,
    So sorry to be a bother on Saturday Afternoon but I just looked at the mathletics for the homework and I still don’t get it.?

  24. Dear Mr Petty
    I was wondering if I could have an extra day to complete my homework please. That would be sooooo helpful.
    Yours sincerely Abby

  25. Hi Mr Petty

    I was wondering how you ind an equivalent fraction for a fraction in the homework I have asked my mum and she is not sure either

    From paris

    • Am trying to work out what ind might mean Paris. Do you how to show it? If I have 1/2 an equivalent fraction would be 2/4, as you timesed both numbers by 2. Whatever you do to the top, you do to the bottom. Does that help?

  26. Dear Mr Petty
    I am very confused on how to make the fractions equivalent on the homework for egsample (this is on the homework)
    Somthing /8 =21/24 how do you work this out please help

    From Paris

    • Hi Paris. Remember, what ever you do to the denominator, you do to the numerator. So if it is 21/24 and you want to know how many /8 that is, you have divided 24 by 3 to get to 8. So, you need yo also divide 21 by 3. You’ll get 7. So the answer is 7/8. Does that make sense?

    • Jackson, it means read the text and come up with a question using either who, what, when, where, why or how. Then answer it using info from the text

  27. Also Mr Petty with the thinking keys do we do one focus question on who and then a focus question on what or 1 focus question involving every thinking key

    From Jackson D

  28. Hi mr petty
    The blog works now.
    I need help with my homework at the start of the train wrighting it says /nick say up/ is say ment to be sat.

      • Sorry Mr Petty I didn’t tell you this earlier but the problem is that I can’t record on anything because the microphone on my iPad is broken so that means there is no sound if I take a video or record anything on the iPad sorry I didn’t tell you this earlier

  29. Hi mr Petty

    For the homework this week there is a task were you have to record yourself reading two pices of text. I am unable to complete these due to a lack of storage in my iPad, When I try to delete some photos/videos it won’t let me I’m not sure what else to do?

    • Hi Jackson. Yes, you need to write your speech by Monday. You then will have a week to practise before delivering it a week later

  30. dear mr petty,
    on the 2nd part of the maths, $480, is each individual percentage meant to be taken off the $480? So, say you need to take off 30% off $480 and you work out the answer is .?. then you take off petrol, do you start at $480 again than take off the percentage or do you take off the percentage from the answer you got from the tax ( last answer ) ?

    • Hi Sarah. You deduct tax, get an answer, then deduct super, get an answer and so on. Using the pay slip though, you can add a few things at a time before you deduct them (rent, food etc). Will show you tomorrow if that doesn’t make sense

  31. Hi Mr Petty, how is your weekend going so far? Quick question… I having a bit of trouble on the homework ‘Apollo Pay Sheet’ section. But it’s hard to explain and I think it’s to late in the week to talk. But is there a way I can have another day for that one part and show you the rest on Monday. It’s ok, if not able too.
    From Yousif

  32. Dear Mr Petty,
    Sorry to be texting you this early but it’s the only time I can. I’m worried that I wont be able to get my speech or homework done on time for tomorrow.
    Just thought I’d let you know. What should I do?

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