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  1. Hi Mr Petty

    Just having trouble with the writing there is a word that says CLARS I am not sure of that word do you know what it is

  2. Hi Mr Petty
    I am having trouble with the maths
    Kind of forgot how to take the percentage off
    I know the correct price but not with the working out
    I searched it up but not sure if it is correct

    Thx, Chloe

    • You can work out the opposite percentage of. For example, if it is 36% off $190, you would do 190 x 0.64. This is because 0.64 is 64 % which is the opposite of 36%. You can do this because of is the opposite of off. Does that make sense?

  3. Hey Mr Petty,
    Sarah here, on the homework it has an activity saying ‘Create a chart that lists reasons for and against Federation’ to me that doesn’t really make sense.
    What dose that mean?

    • Hi Sarah, it means write down some of the positives about Australia being a nation, not separate colonies anymore. Also, were there any negatives? We discussed a few from both sides in the last couple of reading sessions.

  4. Hi Mr Petty

    For the heritage I am trying to go on the attach website/document that it tells me to go one but when I type it in I can’t find the document any chance I could use help please.

    Thanks From Nathan

  5. Hi mr petty

    This is about lit circles. I’m in hungry ghosts and I’m not shore what page to reed up to. Do you know?

    Thanks mikki

    • Hi Mikki,

      The grid says ‘chapter 12 110 pages’. Not sure if that means including chapter 12 or stopping at chapter 12. Your last week’s one said ‘chapter 8’. Does that help
      Mr Petty

  6. Hi Mr Petty,
    How are you? I’m sort of in a homework crisis! With the maths it’s a bit impossible to do it without a protractor? Any suggestions? By the way I don’t have a printer so I can print on out! Thanks Grace

    • Hi Grace, my first and least helpful bit of advice would be not to leave your homework till the day before. A more helpful bit of advice could to grab a free app version of a protracter and give it your best go. Failing that, we are correcting after recess, so you can quickly finish either before school or recess

  7. Hi mr petty

    I was doing lit circles again but I don’t know what my job is.
    Do you know? I think it was lit luminary. I’m not shore.

    Thanks mikki

  8. Hi Mr Petty,
    I was wondering if you could go through the earn and learn homework tomorrow I don’t quite get it?
    Thanks Grace

  9. Hey Mr Petty,
    I’m so sorry to bother you so early but I was wondering if you could go through the last question on the Mass in Maths with me tomorrow morning. I am having trouble with working out the 720g?
    Thank you,

  10. Dear mr petty

    I know this isn’t really homework but any way…
    I have the BBQ note am I ment to put my name on it or do I put nothing or do I put the money in a envelope & wright grade 6 day in year 7/BBQ?

    Thanks mikki s

  11. To mr petty
    This is kind of dumb but I don’t know how to spell my buddy’s name. Its Griffen but I’m not shore. Do you know?


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