Algebra part 1

lines and angles

volume and capacity


plotting coordinates

maths today in 6P

Fractions for 6T

fractions (booklet)

Bedroom – Spec_sheet_standard

Bedroom- specfication_paint

Bedroom- specfication_flooring

Bedroom_brief 2014


Body Parts Chart

Length – April 24

April 2 – Tree Diagrams

Chance Mar 31

chance mar 27

chance mar 27 (2)

100’s Chart

Square Roots



Euler’s formula


3D Shape

types and properties 3D

tables answers

5 thoughts on “Maths

  1. To Mr Petty
    Something really challenging for the perimeter is finding the circumference of a circle. That would really mess their brains.
    From Edward

  2. Hi Mr Petty,
    I have a question for the paint for our bedroom project. Are we allowed to have 2 different colours. For example: 1 wall is one colour and the other 3 walls are a different colour. (Feature wall.)
    Mikayla P

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