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  1. Hi Mr Petty,
    Would it be alright if I did my ‘Thing I Enjoyed About Primary Achool Was…’ Speech on Friday in stead of Thursday as I want to be properly rehired and practiced so I can give a perfect speech. I feel like if I do it Friday I will have more time to edit, change things and practice. I hope that alright with you.
    Mikayla P

  2. Hi Mr Petty,
    With the dockets I made today, I also made bonus ones, would you like me to start writing some for the E+L blog challenge??

    • I reckon we should makr these dockets our ‘banana bucks’ so the value of them depends on the day. We’ll discuss tomorrow

    • What were the positives to the colonies forming one nation. And, were there any negatives? You may need to do a little research on top of what we have already discussed in class

  3. Hi Mr Petty,
    Sarah and Mikayla P here,
    Sorry to bother you on a lovely Sunday afternoon but we were wondering when Montemorency will be visiting the school. In mind, passports to year seven booklets. Sarah and I are doing it but we’re un sure weather we would be able to re create the booklet ourselves. If not that’s fine!
    Plunks and Sarah

  4. Hi Mr Petty,
    On the first activity for the homework, I don’t get it?
    Is there maybe a spelling mistake in the first sentence?

  5. Hi Mr Petty,
    Just confirming, we have school photos today? It’s the graduation ones, whole school and athletics team, swim team, cross country ect.
    thanks Teags

  6. Hi Mr Petty,
    As you know I had my dance concert last night and couldn’t wait till Monday to tell you I was awarded the half year scholarship! Grace

  7. Hi Mr Petty, I was wondering if you could go through the last 2 questions on the maths homework with me this morning?? Thanks Grace

    • Hi Grace. Unfortunately, my lovely daughter has passed on her head cold to me, and I won’t be at school today. Explain to the crt you have spoken to me and we’ll look through it tomorrow. Have left info for you to run grad practice this arvo

  8. Hi Mr Petty,

    Will you be coming to school tomorrow? Hope you are feeling better! What sessions Lit Circles- Hungry Ghosts conferencing? I have been so busy as it has been Tahlia’s birthday! I haven’t read all chapters so I was wondering if I would have any snack or lunch times to do it?????? I’m discussion Director and ive all ready done all the questions just I haven’t read it all! Hope you understand! I can get some done tonight I guess.
    See you tomorrow!

    • Hi Plunks. Feeling crook still, but should be right to be there tomorrow. Either way, conference will be after lunch, so you should be right. Hopefully catch you tomorrow

  9. Hi Mr Petty,

    Glad you’re feeling better!! I think I’ll get it done before then but thanks for the help! Is there any homework for this week??

  10. Hi Mr Petty,
    How are you feeling? Hope to see you back at school tomorrow. Just a quick question, weather or not your here tomorrow, at Grad practice tomorrow, will we be filming our music video/s? Please get back to me soon 🙂
    Thanks Teags

    • Hi Teags. Feeling better now, thanks. Will more than likely be in tomorrow. If I am not, we will film Friday. If I am there, we will film tomorrow.

  11. Hi Mr Petty,

    I am terribly sorry to email you at this time but I forgot to give Mr Smith my graduation ceremony money could you please find out if I can bring it in on Monday because my family really wants to see graduate

    Thanks Nathan

    • Hi Matt. Look at the homework from a couple of weeks ago. It’s still on the blog. It has a whole page explaining what to write about

  12. Hi Mr Petty,
    I had a great day today! How was yours? Just wondering about tomorrow, when we do the lit circles conferences, can Hungry Ghosts do it on Thursday??? It would have been helpful for me to have bought my books home. I didn’t bring them home only because we had our orientation, so I left them at school. Hope that’s alright!

    • Good to hear things went well Plunks. Thursday will be fine for Lit. Circles. You’ll have tomorrow morning to finish it all up.

  13. Hi Mr Petty and Class of 2014.
    How’s everything going? We are enjoying high school but miss primary school heaps. How’s grade 3 going? Have u ran 1000km yet? Can’t wait to see you guys soon.
    Mikayla & Sarah

    • Hi girls,
      Great to hear from you. Hope things are going well. I ended up over 1250km for last year. Already up to 200km this year.
      Catch up with you all soon
      Mr Petty

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